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Jim Weatherly
Songs I've Written

This is the first new album by Jim Weatherly in more than a decade. On this CD are some of Jim's biggest hits as a songwriter including "Midnight Train To Georgia" (two different versions), "Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me", "Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)", and "The Need To Be" new songs. Seventeen cuts in all, they are all new studio recordings on the Brizac label.

Review by Joel Scarborough:
A lot of us hopeful "Ole Miss Rebels" had Jim taking the Quarterback plunge into pro football, but his love of music drove him in a totally different direction. I guess you could say he made the right choice. One glance at his website, at the finite list of hit songs he has composed, and it's easy to see why. AND....If you never own another album, don't pass up Jim's latest CD; a true masterpiece: "Songs I've Written". Nobody writes a love song more heartfelt and moving than Jim, and this album reflects his absolute best at writing AND at performing. From the poignant "A Lady Like You" to the dynamically buoyant "You Turn Me On Like A Radio", or from the exotic slow rocking, "My Eternal Love" to the doleful "Where Do I Put Her Memory", you'll find it hard to pick a favorite. But if the album had only two songs on it: "Midnight Train To Georgia" (the soulful, up-tempo version) and "Midnight Train To Georgia", (the reflective, bluesy version), it would still be worth the price.

The writer knows how to sing his songs!!, June 11, 2003
Reviewer from "A music fan" of Indianapolis, IN USA
Having heard Jim sing since he was a high school member of his own rock & roll band, I can say that his voice has only gotten better. The depth of his feelings that he put in writing these songs comes through loud and clear. Maybe some day RCA will get smart and release the albums that he recorded so the rest of the music lovers can hear what he wrote and recorded. It is no surprise that he won songwriter of the year in the 70s and recording artists loved to sing his songs. Interviews with Gladys Knight were so full of praise for his ability to turn a phrase and make a song that any artist would be happy to sing. This new album shows these songs and the music to be just as timely today as when he wrote them. The new young audience should give a listen and I know they will become fans. Just sit back and be entertained. I promise you will not be disappointed.

This CD is for the person who is all about lyrics,the true essences of great music
Reviewer: "Deborah" on

This CD shows what talented writing is all about. Jim Weatherly can let you feel all the emotions that revolve around love, relationships, hurt, healing and finding what we all seek which is true love. The music is put together well and the arrangements are very different from the popular top 40 hits. This CD is probably closer to how the songs were truly meant to sound. I found the CD very enjoyable and if you are a true Weatherly fan you will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: jane e legros from Reston, VA
Jim Weatherly has one of the best voices I've ever heard.. and I'm over 60! When I tell friends what he's written, they don't believe me because they've never heard of him. How do we get our C&W stations to feature him? He is fantastic!


1.   Midnight Train To Georgia (4:21)
2.   The Need To Be (4:39)
3.   If I Had Lived My Life Without You (5:33)
4.   You Turn Me On Like A Radio (4:15)
5.   Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye) (4:54)
6.   Until Forever's Gone (4:33)
7.   Love Finds It's Own Way (4:33)
8.   Someone Else's Star (4:04)
9.   Between His Goodbye And My Hello (4:18)
10.   A Lady Like You (4:04)
11.   My Eternal Love (4:44)
12.   This Is A Love Song (5:04)
13.   Where Do I Put Her Memory (4:40)
14.   Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (4:38)
15.   Until We Fall Back In Love Again (4:51)
16.   Where Peaceful Waters Flow (3:48)
17.   Midnight Train To Georgia (5:35)
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