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Jim Weatherly
The People Some People Choose To Love

This CD was originally recorded and released on vinyl in the 70s. This is the first time it has been offered on CD. People who bought the original LP have been asking for and anticipating a CD release. Great musicians on the project include LARRY CARLTON, MICHAEL OMARTIAN, ED GREENE, HERB PETERSON, AND MORE.

1.   The People Some People Choose to Love (3:20)
2.   Gift From Missouri (3:42)
3.   I Belong With You (4:47)
4.   The Next Time Around (3:33)
5.   White Castle Station (3:32)
6.   The Going Ups And The Coming Downs (3:23)
7.   To A Gentler Time (4:55)
8.   (Apples Won't Grow In) Colorado Snow (3:36)
9.   Let's Bring Back Love (4:31)
10.   Gonna Shine It On Again (3:55)
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  Larry Carlton
  Michael Omartian
  Reinie Press
  Ed Greene
  Victor Feldman
Steel Guitar
  J. D. Maness
  Herb Pedersen
Concert Masters
  Sid Sharp & Harry Bluestone
Background Vocals
  Ron Hicklin, Tom Bahler, Gene Morford, Ginger Blake, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters
  Roger Nichols